International Students & Exchange

International Students & Exchange

Waldorf School Orange County offers an exchange program for students during Grade 10 to make an exchange with a student from another Waldorf School.
We do not currently offer exchange opportunities for students in Grades 9, 11 or 12.

If you are interested in an exchange, you must:

  • Confirm a visit to take place during your Grade 10 school year. You will identify the period of time you wish to visit as well as the period of time you are prepared to house your guest in exchange.
  • Have a family at WSOC who agrees to house you (we do not have a relationship with a home stay program). The High School Coordinator will assist you in determining interest.
  • Be aware that the transfer of units may affect your transcript/plans for college entry  (you should discuss this with your own college counselor). To request an exchange, please contact our WSOC High School Coordinator.
  • Once a host family has been identified for you, the High School Coordinator will direct you to the Admissions Department in order to complete the registration process. Identifying a host comes first.
  • You will begin by completing an exchange application form. This form includes a request for a copy of your current Transcript; a Teacher Evaluation Form; and a Questionnaire for you and your parents to complete.
  • Once that application is approved by the High School faculty, your exchange may be confirmed. You will receive this confirmation in writing.
  • WSOC limits the number of exchange guests to no more than three per year in order to maintain the social and academic health of the class.

Short-term Visitors

If we are not able to confirm an exchange for you, but you would like to come as a short-term Visitor to the high school in any grade, following are details:

  • You must be currently enrolled in a Waldorf School

  • You must have a confident level of fluency in English (Spanish is our foreign language taught)

  • Your academic record must be currently in good standing.

  • You must complete an application for short-term entry. This application includes a request for: Transcript Teacher Evaluations. Parent Questionnaire. Student Questionnaire. and Self Portrait.

  • Once your application has been confirmed by the high school faculty, you will receive a confirmation in writing from the Admissions Office.

  •  You will be asked to complete registration as confirmation of your visit. Registration includes: Exchange Registration Fee, Supply/Activity Fee, and  monthly tuition. These fees are due and payable at the time of registration.


To request an application for a Short-Term Visit, contact the WSOC High School Coordinator.

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